A little advice with pushing to GR100


Hi all,

I’m running a UE CC Multishot build and just completed a GR92 - my highest to date. I really struggled with doing damage to elites and other bigger enemies. I have still to augment a lot of my gear (currently only have three augmented items) and was wondering if someone could take a look at my build and suggest ways in which I can improve things further.
/228428893 (sorry, can’t include links yet)

Is Multishot damage available on the quiver? If so I’d imagine that would be a decent increase in damage.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



That would be this DH…
(not sure what that 228428893 was… d3planner maybe?)
The gear looks pretty decent, just need more of it to be ancient and get some Caldessan’s on them. First thing you need is a better amulet, e.g. Squirt’s Necklace (complete glass cannon option) or the Flavour of Time (doubles the duration of pylon effects). Preferably with CHC/CHD/Element but it must have a socket as you’re not currently using a third legendary gem.

Yep… DEX, VIT, 20% AS, 10% CHC, 15% Multi, 12 Discipline


The number was from D3 planner yes, thought it might help if someone copied and pasted it.

Kymbo’s Gold is in the build because I just ran a few vaults. I’ve been using Squirt’s and have been thinking of ditching it. It does make for a very squishy build though you’re right. I have a few others amulets in my stash which may be better.

What do you think of Bane of the Stricken? If I swapped this for BOTP would things improve in terms of damage? I guess the only real way is to test.

And 6 primary properties on that primal DML?! Nice. Never even knew that existed so I’ll crack on with what I’m doing and just pray to the random number generator gods.

Cheers Meteorblade


I won’t consider BotS if RG is killable within 2 minutes.
I have completed GR100 before any augmentation with my seasonal DH:
Haven’t gone further because I’m working on a HC DH.

I don’t use BotP neither because I want Gizzard to protect me from minor damage, so that Squirt can be up more often.

Try Single Out passive.


Thanks for the replies.

I have swapped out Squirt’s for the Hellfire Amulet with the Cull the Weak passive. This has allowed me to take another passive in Steady Aim for a bit of a damage increase.

Things are definitely less squishy now and it has changed the gameplay somewhat and made it more fun. I just need more damage and I guess that will come through augmenting and more importantly the quiver with Multishot %


If you need damage, you should use Squirt. No passive beats its 2x multiplier.

Anyway, if you go for HF, I recommend replacing Ambush with Single Out. i.e. 5 passives are: Cull the Weak, Steady Aim, Thrill, Ballistic, and Single Out.
If only 4 passives, I will take away Cull the Weak.

For speed run, replace Single Out with Ambush.


I prefer physical MS these days - you can drop arsenal and with the hellfire ammy, it’s more effective too.


Physical (full broadside) only beats Arsenal (fire) at very high GR levels where you can herd lots of trash mobs into a pack and are hitting at least 13 mobs with each Multishot. This was discussed by Wudijo…

A natural by-product of this means that whilst Physical makes it easier to reach the Guardian, it also means you do less damage to the Guardian than with fire, as with a single target or a low number of targets, Fire is superior.

Any GR level where mobs die so fast that you can’t herd a pack of at least 13 mobs together before they die favours fire. Once you’re high enough to pack them together, physical wins.


I’m well aware of Wudijo’s excellent video on the topic. I still recommend physical over fire. If you’re using fire, you have to use arsenal. I swap that out for singled out and it does very nicely vs RG. I also swap out companion/wolf for marked for death/contagion, which is more effective imho. With proper herding techniques, density on physical isn’t an issue. The damage differential on lower GRs between fire and physical is rather minimal and not a deal breaker imho!


The point is though that you can only herd mobs at much higher GR difficulties because otherwise they die before you can herd enough of them for physical to be superior to fire.


depends on what you define as a higher GR level I guess. Most players will struggle with a GR 105-110 with UE MS, fire or physical.