A question for soulamates

Hello everyone,
Please advise me about what I can imrove in my current build and gear. Story in few words :
Honestly I started the season around 7 days ago. I was boosted to 700 para by a friend. (Thank you Godlike! ;*) I almost haven’t played necro in d3 since I bought it in the beginig. Last few months I played d2 with necro summ build with corpse explosion build with cta , enigma and beast items , which was amazing by the way. So I chose pestilence set and I was struggling (honestly ! ) a lot , barely completing GR65-70. I wanted to improvise with my own vision about how things might work “smoothly”. I know that very often we see combo of compass and traveler or haunted visions amu, but I wanted to see if it can work with hellfire amu or something else for example. Currently you can see that " my flavor is actually my flavor :wink: " and actually is nothing special , not even ancient. Rings are fine not only because of the shoulders , but because of the opportunity to use 3 cube weapons + my current weapon. Another thing - I don’t like this cycle of elements, and that’s why I prefer constant average damage. Other very important thing - it was hard for me to manage cooldown of land of the dead and this is key skill to success in this build. With both in-geom and Messerschmidt’s Reaver in cube I manage to reload land of the dead with killing 1 elite pack and around 20 normal mobs.Believe me , using these 2 weapons together, makes the difference for me personaly. ( probably the advanced players here will critisize me a lot , but I just want to discover things in this game by myself and that’s why I don’t check for builds) Reilena in cube is obvious - everybody knows why …) Trag’Oul - in the right hand … Whatever you have in the left one …
Probably I wont switch any items soon so just to keep in mind - cube is Reilena , In-geom, Messershmidt , other things are on my profile. Yes - I am a bit noobish and I dont use simulacrum for double essence ,because at the moment I don’t need more dps but more thoughness and the stun is prety awesome ! (almost like perma)
So , tell me your opinion - what may be key point which I am missing for another big difference. I will not comment which doctors, who this season especially , walk on GR90 like they walk in their living rooms , with not so special equipement.
Game is good , thank you Blizz , people are good and crazy - I love them . Sometimes I play , sometimes - not . Thanks in advance for the feedback - I love you , guys !

but you do ask for build advice on the forum :smiley:

Check out the youtube channel lord fluffy, he has a bunch of great build vids for necro. for you i would specifically reccomend his build for autolancer or pestilance build. you will get some great build ideas from him.


My question was if I can change item or skill which will speed it my farming , not totaly change the build. Thanks for advice , I will check lord fluffy now !! Good luck !

You could check out…

The build pages tend to have speed-farming, solo push and group push variants.


You can check YouTube channels like raxxanterax or mnemonic_1 who provide in - depth guides and upload new content many times a week especially when new patches are around the corner. Filthy casual is also very nice he provides more casual and beginner - friendly guides but you can still do a lot of things with them. There is also wudijo who is one of the best players in the world atm but his guides require more knowledge (I think).

Yes necro suffers from a few things right now. It is probably the most difficult class to play solo and pretty much every set is outperformed by the legacy of dreams versions. Squishy, requires a lot of good positioning, cooldown and resource management are among a few things that may discourage you from playing necro. Good news is that the new season starts soon and we will have a completely new set to play. So far in the test server it did not compete with the best necromancers builds out there but I am hopeful that they will buff it a notch and yes it doesn’t require you to have land of the dead and go for cooldown reduction on every slot. However it still needs a push to be strong.

If your thing is to try different things and innovate I guess necro is a good class. You have good legacy of dreams options so you can try many things without the restrictions of the sets. You can also try and compensate for toughness issues by equipping defensive items (Aquila, unity,bstone gauntlets, parthan etc…) Right now there are a lot builds some of them are mediocre, some are bad, some are decent and some are strong albeit hard to play.

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