A small suggestion

okey , i did not know where to put this so i’ll just lay it here .
after all these years of this game being around , how come we did not get an auto loot feature on ? clearly , the feature already exist , because there are those companions that loot gold from the ground while in range , why not let them pick up items too ? with features to change they can and cannot pick up , depending on the user’s preference .
also , why do we not have additional inventory space? why is it only in the warhouse/stash and not couple more inventory tabs ?
would be really nice to have these two features added to the game .

Next season/patch we get the Altar which will help a lot.

Still, it’s a point and click game with lots of button pressing, so it’s only to be expected that we still need to do a lot of pointing and clicking ourselves.


That is something that comes back regularly.

Blizzard did try, in the PTR for Patch 2.6.5 (Season 17), to increase the number of stash tabs obtainable from Seasons from 4 to 9… unfortunately, in doing so (cf: Patch 2.6.5 Now Live - Diablo III) :

In addition, we encountered a lot of technical issues with increasing overall stash space for players. Unfortunately, as these issues caused significant degredation of the overall gameplay experience, we ultimately had to take a step back on this quality of life improvement and table it for now.

(the link for “technical issues” doesn’t work – that link pointed to the old forums (prior to July 2019) and these forums were taken offline).

I would think that adding inventory tabs would result in the same technical issues.

So… the 13 tabs that we have now are all the tabs we’re going to get. Make the best of it.


About the 13 tabs available that Boubou mentions. If you don’t already know, five of them can be gotten by completing the first 8 chapters of the season journey (one tab each new season journey).

Yeah most people dont know this. Ever since they made it possible to go straight into Adventure mode and skip the storyline completely a lot of people have been missing out. In saying that, the cost of buying spaces is really low anyway. There are a lot of Achievements you can only get by doing the story too, if you are into getting all achievements of course.

i don’t know why you guys keep mentioning tabs in the warhouse/stash , i’m not talking about those nor i have an issue with it , i’m only asking for just one or two addition INVENTORY and NOT STASH space , i think stash space already is alot as it is , and for the record … diablo is an action rpg dungeon crawler/hack’n’slash game NOT called clicker game … that just sounds made up entirely …

i did not know about that one , but i guess it’s reasonable if that’s really the case that it’s not around , thanks for the info

For the record: whenever I run a greater rift, where there is only loot to pick up when the rift guardian is down, I do an awful lot of clicking and button pressing all the way.
My guess is that there are several other games in this genre where you also have to point and click quite a lot. Some may have auto loot, some may not.

Pet auto collect relates to things that dont clutter backpack space. I dont collect anything that drops since i know its going to be suboptimal and have many tens of thousands of mats, deaths breath and so on so there’s no point collecting and salvaging more. I only collect primals and green rings and green amulets now, specifically travellers pledge.
On a t16 rift for eg, with goblins random drops and so on that backpack would auto fill in no time and would have to go to town every minute when you only want to do a speed rift.

Auto collecting mats would work, as they don’t crowd collection space

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Well the Altar of Rites is being made permanent now anyway so our pets will be picking up and salvaging all the loot for us anyway so even stopping to pick up mats is no longer needed. The only things we need to stop for now are Legendaries/Primals and Gems.

In seasonal play, yes. They changed the patch notes (without announcing it) indicating that the Altar is not coming to non-seasonal.

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True, though that is not actually confirmed as yet, but realistically how many people play non season regularly? As a percentage I would say it is very small. Season play going forward will be so much easier with the Altar doing most of the heavy lifting in terms of resource gathering.

Disgusting that at the slightest drop in connection the game is interrupted and while you restart your character is 100% dead. Disgusting games and company policy. frozen garbage that thaws more and more every day and starts to stink.

If you are plagued by disconnects (which may not be the fault of the D3 servers) you could consider playing softcore instead.

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Yes, but you would not be immortalised and enshrined with your deeds of honour

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