About new Demon hunter and Necromancer's sets

first of all, congratulations on designing such a beautiful game. in the new version 2.6.9, the new set in Demon Hunter should increase strafe damage by 10,000. strafe is a very important weapon structure but has been left weak. in the same way, especially the defensive structure of necromancer should be strengthened. very comfortable are killed. I’d appreciate it if you’d consider them. Kindest regards.

Feeback regarding the PTR should be given here…

And since the PTR is no more, I’ll join in here;

After trying out the set, I too feel like Strafe and even Vengeance dmg should be multiplied by the six-piece bonus.

I tried the set with Grenades; Hands remain free for utility weapons, only need to make room for a Hellcat belt.
It’s FUN!
What’s more fun? Selecting grenade runes on both Vengeance and Strafe! Such lovely chaos it makes, yet their damage unaugmented by the set is inconsequential.

Another discovery, is that the procced generator shots should really trigger the two-piece bonus AND Focus&Restraint;
It’s quite jarring and nonsensical for constantly having to stop with such a fast-moving character, losing Taeguk stacks in the process, especially since it’s clearly following the design trend of “Whirlwind is fun, let’s give every character their own version of it”.

The new demon hunter set is weaker than multishot & vangeance set. Damage and thoughness drops down considerable.

If the new DH set is so weak, could you explain why there have already been solo GR150 clearances done with it…


Heck, rank 4 world-wide is from the EU server.
You could check out the EU leaderboard yourself.

I started with that multishot set and if I change it, everything goes down. Tested at the highest level possible for my paragon points. For example , many has lets say 3000 paragon points and play at GR80…of course will not die…it is only an example. Maybe I make a mistake some where , I dont know, but Ive compared both sets and so far GOD is like ive said. Ill see furthure to not be a chatch something.

The compare must be made at the highest GR possible at your paragon level and you`ll see that GOD is weak, in fact with it I die instant and do no damage.

I looked at your Demon Hunter but it appears to be in a UE/MS build…

If that build is indicative of how you’re putting your DH builds together, the issue is not to do with your paragon level. For example, on your UE/MS build you are missing Discipline on your chest (12), bow (12) and quiver (12), even though you could have but re-rolled something else. You’ve runed Preparation with Punishment, rather than Invigoration (20). This means you are missing 56 discipline. As the UE set gives you 350% damage per discipline point, you’re missing 56 * 350% damage, i.e. 19600% damage.

Could you maybe give a link to your GoD build / items to see if you’re missing something as obvious as the above from it?

ya, I know, but still makes a lot of damage :slight_smile: .
No worry man, in time i’ll have to do something with the build, still have issue getting some proper ancient or even more primal stuff…I know it`s about playing and playing…

Thanks for help/talking.