Aegis of Valor build

Anyone got ideas on what gear/skills i should be getting for the new set

You know how to use Google or of the site

I googled too but there’s to much on the internet about it

There are many youtubers that upload tones of content each season. Search rhykker, filthy casual, bluddshed, raxxanterax, anthony evans. Lots of useful information and guides on their channels. Sometimes they even alterate a typical build into a more noob - friendly, casual build which is less stronger but way more easy and fun to play for a starter. Also Icy veins and diablo fans have guides for every possible build but i prefer the youtube guides cause sometimes they show in-game how things work.

As for a straight answer, if you are a new player try the Aegis lightning version of the build it is way more easy.
This is the version that i use currently to farm.
I am doing GR 90-95 in 3 minutes. In addition, i use it to farm rift keys and bounties. It works like a charm.
It’s not the perfect build. It has some mediocre rolls but it does its purpose fine.