Aegis Of Valor s23

Hi ! Im currently playing s23 with
Aegis of Valor/Heavens fury setup.

Thing is: Last night i found primal ancient Fate of the fell. Perfectly rolled.

Got the pig sticker and the shield of fury ATM. Is there any way thay u can use the Fate instead ? I hope u understand where i am going with this…

The Crusader has a passive that allows them to equip a two-handed weapon and a shield.

The reason Pig Sticker is recommended in the first place (with the flail in the cube) is because it’s a dagger and therefore has a very rapid attack speed, allowing you to build up the stacks on the shield to the maximum of 10 as quickly as possible. It also rolls with one more primary affix than any other one-hander, so you can get multiple offensive affix combinations on it. And, lastly, it has a damage bonus vs humans and beasts, which can make a noticeable difference against certain mob types.

Swapping to the two-handed flail equipped means losing the speed of stack-building. If you really wanted to try it, maybe go with The Furnace in the Cube for an extra 50% damage versus elites.

I still think Pig Sticker equipped + Fate cubed is a better option though.

Thanks for the reply. Just what i thought.
I will keep using pig sticker