Aegis of Valor set dungeon

Does anyone know the location of the set dungeon for the new set Aegis of Valor?

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No set dungeons for the two new sets. Also, no plan for adding them in near future.

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Thanks for your reply.

Lame! Would only take a few seconds to make one for each new set!!!

This is Bullsh*t - If there’s no set dungeon at least remove that achievement from the season journey!


Every set that it’s possible to obtain via Haedrig’s Gifts have set dungeons associated with them. Also, you don’t have to do the journey tasks with the set that comes from the gifts.

My VALOR set has no dungeon! But I need a dungeon for SLAYER journey!!! This is so unfair!!!


None of the new sets introduced in Patch 2.6.7 (Crusader & Monk) and in Patch 2.6.8 (Barbarian, WD & Wizard) have a set dungeon.

Blizzard has also said they are not planning to add new set dungeons…

Unfortunate… perhaps. Unfair ??? I don’t see why.

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This requires more time wasted creating builds around a task that should be achievable on your main set build this season yet again an a significant detail not considered from a players perspective. Remember that prior to this pandemic most people that play D3 did not have the luxury of time to make multiple set builds to achieve mastery bud. Total inconsideration for time restraints especially now that most white collar workers and STEM workers are now working even harder at home or in laboratories. Just a little bit of more time spent on the whole package would go along way. Not that new sets are not appreciated but if the set dungeons were removed from seasonal journey a lot of people would be very happy & reinstate it only after they get around to making set dungeons for all new sets if they can be bothered.

Peace & Love!


Gosh, what did people use as an excuse the previous 19 seasons…

How about this season’s Aegis of Valor set? It’s available via Haedrig’s Gifts, but does not have set dungeon?

Please be mindful of the dates of threads. You’re replying to a post of mine from eight months ago and, at the time the post was made, the information was correct.

This season, Season 22, is the first ever season where the Haedrig’s Gifts contain the newest sets for each class, none of which have a set dungeon associated with them, and Blizzard have no plans on making such dungeons. This means that you need to use your free set to farm another class set to do the dungeon with.

I too am playing Crusader this season, so got the AoV set in the gifts. However, just like every single other season when I’ve played a Crusader, I did the Invoker set dungeon for the Journey tasks for clearing / mastering the dungeon.

By the time I did this, I already had all four of the other sets, and I also used those for the Conquest involving solo’ing GR55s in six different sets (I’ve done 5/6 of this using Crusader sets).


I’m in the same Frustrating situation since sunday (29/11) feel relieved that others have same problem, Hope Blizzard comes up with a solution within the week!

There are no set dungeons for the newest set armours, i.e.

Class New Set
Barbarian Horde of the Ninety Savages
Crusader Aegis of Valor
Demon Hunter Gears of Dreadlands
Monk Patterns of Justice
Witch Doctor Mundunugu’s Regalia
Wizard Typhon’s Veil
Necromancer Masquerade of the Burning Carnival

This means that in a season where the Haedrig’s Gifts grant these sets, in order to complete the Season Journey tasks for completing and mastering a Set Dungeon this requires you to farm one of the other class sets and complete the dungeon associated with those sets.

It is not a bug that the new sets do not have dungeons associated with them. When the first of these new sets were released it was queried whether new set dungeons would be created for them. Blizzard confirmed that not only were there no new dungeons, they had no intention to create them.

A good solution would be to drop the set dungeon requirements from the season journeys and replace them with something else. I truly hate set dungeons anyway and would welcome an option to bypass these nonsensical challenges.