All set bonus Bugs

I have all the 6 set and ita not giving me the set 6 pieces bonus. also the a skill of firebats itz with no visual flames on it for 2 days. can you sort ot out? its making me using a ring of grandeur on a build thats no need. I play on Nintendo i think its only a bug problem

In 99% of “no 6 set bonus” bug reports, we found that one of the set piece was from other set.

The other 1%, we can’t view their profile because they are console players.

So, double check your gears.


Yea pretty much what Maskraider said. I usually only see that happen to players who didn’t notice the set bonus was due to a mistaken set piece. We’ve all done it at some point I think, my first time was with Firebird’s set, thinking Chantodo’s weapons went with the set. Silly me.

not with me xD I add all 6 piece legendary and when I took thw gloves to make a test I put the ring on the cube and It wasnt working. I restart many times before making the post. Im shure it was a bug. cuz when I put back the gloves wasnt giving me the set bonus aswell. It was a bug

You won’t believe how many reporters said similiar thing. Their profiles proved them wrong.

You really need to read this article:

Your “report” misses a lot of information.
Which set? Which glove? Which ring?
As we can’t view your profile, you need to provide detailed information.

The game contains (many) bugs but not this one. Because it is too obvious to be spotted. Can’t wait for you to report after so many years.

If you can’t find the error yourself, post screenshots/photos of your gears. Paste the links between two “~~~~” lines, like this:


it worked 15 mnts after I report and didnt change nothing next time something like this happens ill send a photo tks for information