Altar or rise dosent work

i have some problem with altar or rise when i try do the six set challengde nothing happends

Do you mean the Conquests…

From the Bug Report forum’s stickied Things That Are NOT Bugs thread…

  1. Achievement/Conquest Window Doesn’t Checkmark Boxes (I.E. GR55 with 6 sets)
    The Achievement/Conquest Window is slow to update and at times will not reflect say a GR clear with the required set. It will update sometime but it is still considered complete and if you meet the requirements for the achievement/conquest, it will still finish even if the check boxes are not updated.


Not sure what you mean…

If you mean that you’re trying to do the set dungeon for your Crusader here: seppe1995#2158 - Community - Diablo III …

There is no set dungeon for the “Aegis of Valor” set… you will need to use another set and do the dungeon for that one.

Good luck in your games !

what i mean is that altar of rites is bugged on the six peices when i go with my gear too the book nothing happend

Not a bug.
You need to have 4 pages of set dungeons (4 different pages) for an offering. That means you have to complete 4 different sets for your class. It just happens, that this season’s Haedrig’s Gift provides a set that does not have a Set Dungeon. So, you have to complete other 4 sets for your class.

Every class (Necromancer, Witch Doctor, Crusader etc) has the same “problem”. Each class has 5 sets, one of each not having a Set Dungeon.

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Also see…

There are no set dungeons for the newest set armours, i.e.

Class No Set Dungeon Has Set Dungeon
Barbarian Horde of the Ninety Savages Immortal King, Might, Raekor, Wastes
Crusader Aegis of Valor Akkhan, Invoker, Roland, Seeker
Demon Hunter Gears of Dreadlands Marauder, Natalya, Shadow, Unhallowed Essence
Monk Patterns of Justice Inna, Raiment, Sunwuko, Uliana
Witch Doctor Mundunugu’s Regalia Arachyr, Jade, Helltooth, Zunimassa
Wizard Typhon’s Veil Delsere’s, Firebird, Tal Rasha, Vyr
Necromancer Masquerade of the Burning Carnival Inarius, Pestilence, Rathma, Trag’oul

This means that in a season where the Haedrig’s Gifts grant these sets, in order to complete the Season Journey tasks for completing and mastering a Set Dungeon, you are required to farm one of the other class sets and complete the dungeon associated with those sets.

It is not a bug that the new sets do not have dungeons associated with them. When the first of these new sets were released it was queried whether new set dungeons would be created for them. Blizzard confirmed that not only were there no new dungeons, they had no intention to create them.

So, use your new set to farm one of the old sets, and do a dungeon with that set.