Another Newb stuck

So I’m grinding away, playing T16’s and GR85’s but just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. My gem don’t get any better now, when i try higher level GR’s I just die and sometime can’t complete them. I’m gaining like 2 or 3 p levels a night. Is this normal? Mortigato is the toon name if important

Your offhand is useless. Use either a Valla’s Bequest or a Fortress Ballista (recommended). Cube the other Hand-XBow in the 4th cube slot.

Get rid of Lacuni prowlers and equip decent Wraps of Clarity.

I assume you want to do speed runs, since you cubed a Squirts Necklace ?
To use this in pushing is hazarduous and doesnt give added dmg if you can’t protect yourself against hits (Fortress Ballista).

At lower GR levels (< 120) you may want to use a Taeguk gem instead of Stricken.

To see a proven GoD DH build, see here for reference:

You should easily be clearing up to GR 110 without any augments, since you don’t seem to be using any of those. See also the guide for proper item stats.

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I will make the changes you suggest tonight when I get home from work. Thank you for the reply

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By the way, as you appear to be playing on the US server region…

…you should realise that you’ve made this thread on the EU forums.

There’s a lot more activity on the US Demon Hunter forums and you’d be more likely to get timely responses to your queries as more of the respondents would be in similar time-zones to yourself…

My lack of experience is showing I suppose.

I have wraps of clarity cubed in the 4th slot. All other changes made, going try now.