Any good necro builds for the casual player?

Are there any decent Necromancer builds to get to GR75 and possibly past that, that hasn’t got a very complex gamestyle or require a ton of rare gear?

A lot of Necro builds people talk about seems to be Legacy of Nightmares or Legacy of Dreams builds. These does not seem attainable for casual players. I won’t play enough within one season to get mostly ancient items equipped unless most slots can have whatever item type. Basing a build of one of the sets seems like the casual option.

With season 18 giving me pestilence set, I’ve tried to play a pestilence corpse lance build, but working with a 2 minute cooldown creates stressful gaming. For pushing build types I don’t seem to be able to kite well enough without dying to gather mobs, and I don’t like being unable to cause damage most of the time. For more speed builds with in-geom, it’s stressful to have to try and find lots of elite groups fast in order to cut down the cooldown period to a minimum. Above GR ~60, it starts to get difficult to go through trash outside of land of the dead uptime (Or recently afterwards when there are quite a few corpses available).

With Inarius I’ve tried a Grim Scythe generator build. This has fairly simply gameplay and no long cooldowns, but one always needs to be at melee range, creating survivability issues at higher greater rifts, and it feels a bit low on damage to go high, but maybe my gear just isn’t good enough yet. Can such a build get to where Torment XVI can be easily grinded?

Also tested out Rathma build with singularity skeletal mage, but it seems a tiresome build, as mages live shortly so if you don’t continually generate essence and cast mages, you are quickly out of options.

Are there any decent Thorn builds that aren’t LoN/LoD? Or other options that doesn’t rely on long cooldowns?

I suggest trying tragoul set with dayntees binding and lornelle sunstone for damage reduction. Haunted visions, krysbins sentence, iron rose , scythe of the cycle are the items i would look for.
Cube bloodtibe blade,shi mizu haori and convention of elements.
Skills are siphon blood suppress, death nova blood nova,frailty aura of frailty, simulacrum blood and bone, bone armor dislocation and blood rush.
Passives final service,rathmas shield, blood for blood, blood is power.
Gems are bane of the stricken,bane of the trapped, zeis stone of vengeance.

You will basically siphon blood the enemies casting bone armor on cd and simulacrum on elites you blood rush into the season cycles and you want to spam blood nova until you are 25% life for shi mizu haori to proc. Give it a try let me know how it felt.If you get full ancients you can try same playstyle with nightmare gem.