Archon Damage is low


I am a pretty casual player, use disintegration mostly, and use to use archon when in a jam. I’ve noticed that since utilizing Deathwish in my cube and etched sigil, my damage in archon form is only 5-10% of what it is using normal old disintegrate. I assume that is because the effects of those items don’t impact archon. I still love the increase in toughness and recovery I get in archon form, but with the power drop off, it is like mounting a bb gun on a tank.

Does anyone know of a rune or something I could do to at least maintain the same level of damage in Archon mod, or should I just dump it?


The Deathwish and etched sigil doesn’t affect your archon form in general.
It is possible that you see a massive damage drop off depending on what items you swapped from.
Fazula belt would greatly increase your archon form to answer your question.
But it would not be enough to compensate for what you use in normal form.

Thanks Zima, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Etched and death wish wrong choice for archon. Get VYR set FAZULA , cube Swami chandoto set weapon you prolly need 56-58ish% CD-R and you can keep double archon constantly up with 180-200 stacks per archon . And let chandoto set to the rest