Are Horadric cache contents random? Or same every time? Or vary by character class?

Do Horadric caches for each Act in Bounties give the same crafting plans for legendary and set items each time? Or random ones? and can what item plans you get depend on character class or not?


These should be useful in answering most of the questions you asked:

That leaves your question(s) on plans… first and foremost, once your artisan (blacksmith or jeweller) has learned a recipe from a plan, that plan will no longer drop… so once they have learned all the plans, no more will drop. As far as I know, the number of plans that drop is not random… I seem to get 3 plans fairly regularly (if I recall correctly), although I do get more than that on occasion.

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Thanks Boubou. It says you can do bounties at e.g Torment 16 though. How do you set difficulty to difficulties above Torment (i.e Torment 1?) when it’s a bounty and not a greater rift?

Keep pressing the right arrow (see screenshot) to access higher Torment difficulties:

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