Attack Speed % or Damage % on a weapon?

What is better on a 1-handed weapon:
-attack speed % or damage %…and how can i tell?

What is better on a 2-handed weapon:
-attack speed % or damage %…and how can i tell?

It’s entirely dependant on your build as to whether Attack Speed is even useful, let alone higher priority than 10% weapon damage.

For example, for WW/Rend, Attack Speed is absolutely worthless as it doesn’t affect the damage of Rend. As for two-handed weapons, about the only build that makes use of one is LeapQuake, which equips Blade of the Tribes and cubes The Furnace. The majority of other builds will make use of Istvan’s Paired Blades (Rogue + Slanderer), the Bul-Kathos mighty weapons, or ability specific weaponry, e.g. Fjord Cutter or Remorseless.

For more information as to affix / paragon preferences, build guides will say which affixes are preferred, and which order to allocate paragon points (if you have under 800)…
Icy Veins Barbarian Guides
Maxroll Barbarian Guides

Thank you for the info :slight_smile: