Barbarian Achievement Born to rage

Barbarian Achievement Born to rage

Don’t know if this is the right location but i looking for info on how to do the Barbarian Achievement Born to rage and can’t find any guides to unlock it.

Born to Rage
Keep the same Battle Rage active for 30 minutes.

Enter a rage which increases your damage by 10% and Critical Hit Chance by 3%. Lasts 120 seconds.

So, the effect lasts 2 minutes. Keep refreshing it before it runs out, and keep this going for 30 continuous minutes. Needs to be in the same game session, so just run some public rifts and don’t let the buff drop.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve done that one… how about just staying in town for 30 minutes and refreshing Battle Rage every so often before it expires. Use the passive Unforgiving to constantly replenish Fury. Can’t remember if you have to do any fighting. (this is one boring achievement, I suppose). :slight_smile:

Yes, it can be done just by standing in town and re-casting the shout (as there’s no requirement to be in combat) but as this ability costs Fury you need a method of generating it without combat, e.g. equipping the Bul Kathos weapon set, or use the Unforgiving passive. It’s also very boring, and running Rifts means you’re getting some GR keys and gear whilst getting the achievement done.

Ah ok cheers thank you i would of thought there would be a yt vid show what gear ect