Barbarian Build - Wirlrend help

Can someone please have a look at my barb build for season 24 and recommend what I should change. I seem to get killed very easily and my speed is quite slow. I get kicked quite often in co-op games.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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So, this Barb…

Here’s a list…

  1. Helm. You need a new one. You need STR / VIT / 6% CHC.
  2. Chest. You need a new one. You need STR / VIT / 15% Rend.
  3. Bracers. You need new ones. You need STR / VIT / 6% CHC / 20% Physical.
  4. Legplates. You need new ones. You need STR / VIT / All Resist.
  5. CoE. You need a new one. At least STR / CHC / CHD. Late gearing = AD / CHC / CHD.
  6. ORotZ. This should be in the Cube (even though you have a primal one) as the affixes are fixed, and the AS and RCR aren’t useful to the build. Ideally you want a BoM equipped with STR / CHC / CHD. Late gearing = AD / CHC / CHD. For now, roll off the AS to a socket as AS isn’t useful for Rend.
  7. Overpower / Momentum shouldn’t be there. If you’re struggling to survive, Ignore Pain / Ignorance Is Bliss. At higher GRs, where you’ll need to be gathering a lot more mobs, you want Ancient Spear / Rage Flip.
  8. Weapon / Cube Weapon Power. Currently you have an Ethereal Grandfather equipped with the power of Ambo’s Pride on it. However, you also have Ambo’s Pride in the Cube’s weapon slot. These do not stack. Change the Cube power to The Furnace for an extra 50% damage versus elites.
  9. Passives. Your Ethereal Grandfather has the Berserker Rage passive on it. You have the same passive selected in your four passives. Change the passive in your Passives screen to another one, e.g. Nerves of Steel if you keep dying, or Unforgiving if you’re struggling for Fury.
  10. Legendary gems. Bane of the Trapped. Taeguk. Bane of the Stricken. You only have one of these.
  11. Amulet. I know I just suggested Unforgiving passive above, and your Hellfire amulet has that passive on it but, here’s the thing, I’m going to suggest an alternative amulet, i.e. Squirt’s Necklace. Ideally you want 20% Physical / CHC / CHD, but STR / CHC / CHD would do.

Now, you’re bound to have questions about Squirt’s because, as you’ll notice, it mentions gaining stacks that increase your outgoing damage, but also causes you to take more incoming damage, and you’re struggling to stay alive. Okay, so here’s the thing. As a WW/Rend Barb you’re getting hit in the face all the time. This means that for the vast majority of the time, you’ll be at zero stacks of this amulet, i.e. no extra damage done or taken. So, why use it? Quite simply, it’s for when you get a Shield pylon. The shield makes you immune to damage and, assuming your follower has a Flavour of Time emanating, that lasts for one minute. During that time, you’ll get to 10 stacks and that’s 100% extra damage, i.e. you’re doing double damage for a minute. If you can manage to get the effects of a Shield and a Power pylon (gives 400% extra damage, i.e. 5 times damage) together, that’s ten times damage whilst they’re both active. For pushing / fishing, that’s a massive multiplier and you will literally melt trashmobs.

Oh, and for speed content, e.g. rifts, bounties, lower level GRs, use Bul-Kathos weapons rather than the Grandfather. Good luck.

Thank you for your assistance…will get working on it .