Because of D4 assured release how about new META in D3?

Hi. Diablo 4 is announced and assured to release in the future. It may be few years but it is a fact which gave me few ideas for D3. As Diablo 3 is fine game in current stage but it doesn’t have kind of worship status like D2. Release of Diablo 4 “when is ready” is a big thing. Concerning all past drama related to D3 I expect majority of Diablo 3 player base move to D4 resulting in D3 being basically abandoned by players. There is a high chance for such scenario.

Concerning above how about make some changes in Diablo 3 META. I speak of kind of scenario when you know that a new thing is coming so you take as much fun and make use of old stuff 200% almost obscenely because it will be gone soon anyway.

I thinking about making changes to set items in D3. Either adding set pieces for every character equipment slot or making 6 piece set bonus work with 4 pieces.
I suggest this idea based on increasing number of items with custom legendary powers. There is a lot of those arleady and using 6 piece set bonus makes many fun builds not possible. Obviously there is legacy of nightmares gem but it has own limitations.

I speaking of possibility to use max set bonus together with 2-3 custom armor slot legendaries + 3 in the cube. Such scenario would raise the GR solo META to around 150lvl but it would give almost 100 new fun builds for all classes concerning how many custom powers are on legendary items.

It’s obvious that D4 release still requires much time but changes in Diablo 3 also tend to come slowly. That’s why i came up with idea today and i excuse the idea by kind of mentality : It is certain that everything gonna change sooner or later with D4 so who cares and let’s have as much fun with D3 as we can.:sweat_smile:

Personally, i would rather that all sets and builds were balanced and on equal footing rather than having any sort of META.

Diablo III is a failure project.