Best other class to pair with a WW/Rend barbarian?

My wife loves playing a WW/Rend barbarian and for the next season I want to play a class/spec that would pair up well with her for doing rifts.
I’m guessing it would be a zMonk allowing the use of squirts or the new zDH with the GoD set and entangling shot.

What do you think would be the best match up and how would you change the ww barb spec/gear accordingly?

The GoD DH in a supporting spec could be a good contender, due to the bow that makes enemies take 150% more damage, wolf howls, and so on. You won’t need the DH to be gathering stuff as the Barb will be using Ancient Spear / Rage Flip to gather huge packs. No to squirt’s. You definitely want a Flavor of Time. A one minute long conduit / power pylon can make or break a high level clearance.

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an option other then a zdps build would be to pair it with a good single target rgk build. single target is the barbs “weak” spot. A nice option could be impale dh

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Or just also play a Barb. She ww/rend, you H90 Frenzy.

You debuff the mobs to take 50% more dmg, and give both of you 60% dodgechance.

She kills big piles of trash, you slaugter elites with high single target dps. Also this way you increase the rate that both of you can gear up

The opening post is from July 1st, i.e. almost two months ago!
A quick look at the OP’s hero list will show they clearly already picked DH…