Blizzard, please BANN!

please blizzard, bann or remove NotJester on the playstation season leaderboard. Modded gear. Please do something!


You should remove the name of the player from your post – use the pencil tool under your post to edit your message.

« Naming and shaming » is not allowed under the Code of conduct for the forum.

The official way to report cheating is by sending an e-mail to Blizzard Hacks Team as described in:

Best of luck in your games !

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I have personally emailed blizzard with photographic evidence but still nothing has been done.

Also I understand the rules are what they are but if someone has hacked it, why should we withhold their name, they are the cheater so they should be branded in my mind, of course I don;t mean when an exploit is found or a bug by mistake I mean when it is clear that hacking has been done


Because naming and shaming (even if warranted) is considered harassment under the Forum Code of Conduct. This has been confirmed previously on the forums…

There’s also the possibility that someone innocent might be accused of something which is why mud-slinging is prohibited.

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are you saying that someone who had 9 legendary gems equipped and 2-3 gems on arms shoulders etc is not a clear example of someone hacking their account, not to mention one person ‘who shall apparently be nameless’ has over 4,000 dex on his/her ‘enchanted’ ethereal and passive abilites gained from over armor pieces

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No, I’m saying that by naming and shaming someone on the forums all that is likely to happen is that the OP will get a forum infraction for it, which will have absolutely zero impact on the person that’s cheating.

I’ve seen their Wizard 4 second GR150 clearance, where they start the GR with hundreds of progression globes in town, enter the GR, exit the GR, collect the globes to get to 100%, the GR boss spawns in town, and they kill it in a second. It’s clearly cheating.

It’s also been covered on the US Console forums…


New to the forums and this discussion - So HI! for starters… Also, While I dont play online much… I do have my buddies who do - And THEY GRIND!!! They grind heavily…

So, the possibility of meeting a player with “9 legendary gems equipped and 2-3 gems on arms shoulders etc” is quite possible… Unlikely but it is possible if someone is willing to dedicate their time to just playing nothing but Diablo III.

Looking the posts… It is very hard to tell if this is a legitimate complaint as teh one thing that WOULD denote a Hacker would be a LOW LEVEL… And there is no mention of level anywhere!

I mean, I started playing on PS3 back in 2013, I got the game for PS4 in 2019, and convinced my mates to also but it… My Mates who both bought the game after me are both PARAGONS… I am NOWHERE NEAR!

So, without wanting to drag this on as I do actually agree with the Forum rules - I have seen too many abuse systems like that in the past and feel it is the most sensible route… Doe sthe OP have any actual details they can offer that would even suggest that the accused is a hacker?

Afraid, The Moderators are right - Just putting a name out there is worth nothing! It needs more… Which is why they have the rules they do - I have had many complaints about Blizzard over the years, but I am VERY HAPPY to see their forums have taken notice of issues and adapted to prevent abuses!

I salute you all!

Not unless they’re cheating.

Legendary gems go in jewellery, i.e. 1 in each ring, 1 in amulet, so 3 in total. The only other armour slots that are supposed to have sockets in are chest (3) and legs (2) so any other armour slot with sockets and gems is has been fiddled with.


cheating isn’t allowed in the damn game either…so why is Blizzard doing SFA?

Get in line behind myself and many others who have already and long since, done the same thing. Blizzard is fully showing their ineptitude and corruption by doing nothing.

Screw that. Blizzard needs to pull the finger out. Pronto.

That’s utter BS. Since when do rings have 3 sockets`? Or weapons? ONLY modded gear has those features. They are 100000% cheating, so stop protecting them.

LOL NO. NO NO NO NO NO. You can ONLY equip a maximum of 3 legendary gems (they can ONLY be equipped in jewellery - so rings and amulet). They cannot be equipped (at least legitimately), in any other equipped item. If you are claiming otherwise, you are very much wrong. Stop supporting cheaters.

Paragon level is hidden on consoles, unless the person is in your friends list and online and visible.

Then you should know that there are no rings in the game (or weapons) that have 3 sockets.

there, happy?

BS. OP, keep naming and shaming the cheaters. Legit players on PS4 etc, stop playing the game. Make seasons barren. Make Blizzard’s quarterly statement to their investors look really BAD. Do not buy future Blizzard titles. Hurt Blizzard’s finances and bottom line. Keep emailing with complaints. I suggest that we start emailing this address hundreds of times per day, every day.

Red Soul Shard - goes into helm socket
Gem of Ease - goes into weapon socket

The only thing that will happen if someone accuses another player by name on the forums is that the accuser will get a forum code of conduct infraction, i.e. it will have zero impact on the cheater, but it will get the accuser a brief holiday from the forums. Repeated infractions of the COC will result in permanent banning from the forums.

I’m not supporting cheats, I’m merely trying to ensure that those that aren’t cheating don’t lose their forum privileges by making accusations against named individuals.

If Blizzard worked as hard to ban the cheats as it does the “forum accusers” things would be good…

Back on the previous version of the forums, back when EU actually had a Community Manager, I tried to get that to happen for around a year. I gave up banging my head against a brick wall when I realised I cared more than they did (despite them saying they do).

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I know…it’s just utter frustration to work hard to get on the LBs and then lose a crap load of spots to cheats…and not even dubious cheats, but obvious cheats. I mean, how long would it take Blizzard to check the modded gear and ban people? Less than an hour of work - easily. To make legit customers, who have worked hard, happy and content. That is good customer service, something Blizzard seriously doesn’t understand.