Blizzard - PLEASE buff the horde of ninety savages set by a bit for season!

I really believe this set is underperforming in terms of damage output… It is not able to do much higher than 125 or so in non-season unless you fish like crazy and get perfect pylons, which means whirlwind will be MUCH more powerful than frenzy build - which just doesn´t make sense… We are speedfarming with whirlwind, keys, bounties etc. But to also have to push with whirlwind when this new set is here now, just seems counterproductive in terms of adding new stuff to the class and game… Let us push with frenzy and use WW for speeds and everything else! Frenzy is far slower and it makes perfect sense that it should be a pushing build for the barbarian in season 20. The 10.000% on frenzy damage just isn´t cutting it at higher gr´s and you´re slow, because you have to move and then stop to do damage - and that´s fine, BUT it should as i said be a pushing set for the barbarian and not set that is pretty much useless - it can´t speed effectively and it can´t push higher than WW effectively - so what´s the point of adding it to the game, at all?


Trust us, we tried with a 700+ post thread on the PTR Feedback forum…

Agree with the op. (I don’t think that they should nerf the WW though). For me the new set just plays like a IK - hota, you even have a similar attack animation. I cannot yet see a noticable gap between these two sets. They feel the same, they play the same and they even push the same. To my casual eyes, IK and H90 are pretty much the same thing and the only difference I see is that you can go with lightning and cold damage instead of only fire.

Without 100% certainty, since i don’t play in groups, I can see H90 being a support, at least with the two set bonus. But then again i cannot say for sure that it can replace the monk or the pulling barb for the highest rifts.

In the end I got mixed feelings. I expected to hate it but I am playing it right now and it’s okay. That’s the only word I can find to describe it. Of course it’s super casual friendly and easy to play which is a good thing for someone who is really new to the game.

It won’t replace a pull Barb because it’ll be used by the pull Barb. Standard pull Barb uses either 4 pieces of Raekor’s or 4 pieces of Wastes. This means they can mix in two pieces of H90, doubling the effectiveness of their shouts without detriment to the 4-piece they’ve chosen.