Blood Rush not working on Primary Button (Left Click)

I’ve been having this problem where Blood Rush does not activate on left click.

I’ve seen other threads speaking about this issue where they talk about changing your force move button, I tried this and nothing changed.

I’m just wondering if any one else has had this issue and found a solution?

I don’t know if my mouse has anything to do with this issue but I’m using a newly bought Logitech G502, all buttons work fine and I have not put macros on any of the mouse buttons.

Yeah I got that problem too sometimes.

I though my mouse right click was having an issue but it isn’t the case because I bought a brand new one just to see and the issue still does happen in certain times.

I have noticed this problem comes and go and I never have understood why and under which circumstances it triggers it. I use Blood Rush/Steuard’s Greaves for speed boosts. So my Blood Rush skill is mandatory. It can be highly furstrating when it refuses to trigger.

I am not very good at these technical issues but if you set it on your left click then try force attack and then left click. Maybe that works?? I am using shift as my force attack button so hold shift+left click. Could be wrong, I never put any mobility skills on left click.