Blood Shard Issue

I’m getting a very strange bug on the PS4 version; currently my Blood Shards are 1,254/1,300 which most think… "uh okay so? Well my Crusaderess tells me every Bounty Cache or Blood Thief that her bag is full and refuses to pick up any more shards. This even persists in Season play meaning 1300 to sacrifice is impossible without pushing for a GRift even higher than my current best of 81. What is going on with it?


Yes - the management of blood shards is different on consoles than it is on PC.

On a PC, you can pick up blood shards up to your current maximum capacity and leave the remainder on the ground.

On a console, you need to have enough room to pick up all the shards… otherwise, it tells you that your bag is full. One way you could manage this is as follows… At 1254 blood shards, you only have room for 46 more shards. So you could spend some at Kadala so that you have enough room to pickup all the shards currently on the ground. Of course, managing to get exactly 1300 shards is going to be a nightmare.

A more usual way is to increase your blood shard capacity to over and beyond what you actually need… say 1350 (grift tier 85) or 1400 (grift tier 90). Then it’s just a matter of managing your blood shards so that you have room to pickup everything, but still have at least 1300 for the Altar.

Good luck in your games !


In addition to Boubou’s explanation, I thought I’d better point out that later stages of the Altar will require even larger bloodshard sacrifices with the largest requiring 1600, i.e. you’ll need to successfully complete a GR110 solo to obtain that limit. Due to the issue described, you’re probably going to have to actually do a GR115-120 so you can deal with a non-exact drop number on console and get in excess of 1600.

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There’s easier way. Though it requires some math skills (or calculator if you didn’t pay attention in school).

So… what’s the solution here ?
@Cassandara is missing 46 shards to get 1300; a tier 4 gRift is 45 shards, so he/she will be be short 1 shard. A tier 5 gRift is 48 shard… which cannot be picked up since there are too many.

Each gRift level increases the blood shard cap by 10; the stuff sold by Kadala is 25, 50, 75 or 100 shards. I suppose @Cassandara could spend 300 shards and then do a tier 73 gRift… but isn’t easier to simply have some breathing room at the top for picking up extra shards ???

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It’s very easy.

  • increase max by 10 or 20 above what you need
  • your max shards - your current shards = ?
  • check chart to find correct tier to get above amount you need

thank you everyone for all the help I have lots to go by to get things set