Blood shards and Kanai's Cube

In almost every beginner class guide video I can hear about “using blood shards on certain Kanai’s cube legendaries” which can help during leveling or which can be value at fresh 70. Eg. “if you have shards left you can make Nemesis bracers” from a barb video.

Although I didnt make challenger cache (didn’t play last season) I have some shards from leveling. However I can spend them only at Kadala.

How do you use shards through cube?

I think you are confused.
Blood shards can only be used at Kadala.
Cube uses Death’s Breath to upgrade rare (yellow) items to legendary.
What you will get is totally random.

You don’t use them through the cube per se; you have probably misunderstood the videos. When using the shards at Kadala (the only place where you can use them), you tend to get a lot of yellow items, and it’s these items that you use in the cube, by upgrading them to legendaries.

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I guess you are right.
I was referring to this video for instance:

(around 2-3 min.)

He just used the cube to show you the items. He didn’t mean to spend BS on the cube.

So what does it mean “in terms of blood shards you wanna roll bracers (…)”? 2:26


  1. Season starts
  2. You create your seasonal hero
  3. You run that week’s Challenge Rift
  4. You collect the Challenge Rift cache on your level 1 seasonal hero
  5. Open the cache and you get bounty materials, crafting materials, bloodshards and gold
  6. Train your artisans (blacksmith, jeweller, mystic) to max level
  7. Depending on your hero class, at low level you go to Kadala and spend your bloodshards on items that could potentially give you an item that has a large ability modifier, e.g. Bracers of the First Men, which increases your HotA attack speed by 50% and HotA damage by 350-500%. As you gain access to the HotA skill at level 2, this is a huge modifier.
  8. Craft a rare (i.e. yellow) level 70 weapon at the blacksmith and take it to the cube. Use the Cube’s “upgrade rare to legendary” recipe. Again, you’re hoping for a weapon that increases the damage of an ability. Again, purely as an example, The Gavel of Judgment which increases HotA damage by 600-800% and returns Fury.
  9. Extract the power from the bracers or weapon into the Cube, so you can have it active for your entire 1-70 levelling.
  10. Go back to the Blacksmith. Craft a rare level 70 2-handed weapon. These can have a secondary affix of “reduced level requirement” in the 2-30 range. If you don’t get one from the craft, that affix can be rolled for at the Mystic. This enables you to be using a level 70 weapon, with huge damage, from as early as level 40.

Meteorblade has given you a good procedure.

A tip to #10
Try crafting some 2H-weapons that has a secondary affix “chance of (control effect)”, e.g. freeze, roll the other secondary affix. That will increase the chance of getting “reduced level requirement”.

e.g. it has 2 secondaries:

  • 5% chance of freezing enemy
  • 10% increase gold

Roll “10% increase gold”, keeping the chance of freeze.

Thanks all. Now its clear.

One more question regarding “extracting legendary power”. For instance I want to use Ambo’s pride power at 70. So first I need to get this legendery (via upgrading from yellow or to have it dropped) and then extract it’s power to cube. Right?

Yes, just remember that it’s a one handed mighty weapon so that you don’t use swords or craft sovereign swords at the blacksmith (just like that there are mighty belts also for the barbarian).

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