Broken RNG maybe?

I play on xbox, since S26 started I have somehow managed to accrue nearly 40 Ramaladni’s Gifts at this point and have only accrued a total of five petrified screams. I spent today running 70+ 90s-115s and could not find a single petrified scream and now I feel like I have entirely wasted my day off of work since well, I actually really enjoy the new game mode. Should I reinstall D3 and hope for the best at this point?

The drop rate for Petrified Screams appears to be around 5%. However, that’s just an average and the variance can be extreme. I’ve had lucky runs where I’ve gotten 2 screams in as little as 5 GRs, and dry spells where I’ve run 50+ GRs and not had one. There’s no point re-installing the game, as there’s nothing wrong client-side that a re-install would fix. It’s just rare stuff happening rarely.