Buff Skywarden for Support Crusader

Every season i like to dabble in a little bit of support crusader to try make some fun and break up the meta of the Monk.

I can get it working and make it very fun but it still falls short of powerful i feel due to the weakness of the crusaders laws.

There is potential in the Skywarden mace to resolve this by changing the bonus it gives from;

Every 60 seconds, gain a random Law for 60 seconds

to something more in line with the monks Inna’s 2 and 4 piece;

Gain the passive of all Laws at all times and double the active effectiveness of any active law

In balancing i don’t see it being too much of a problem due to Barbs getting double shouts from 2 piece savages (huge Armour and dodge cap).

Generally damage only crusaders would not take up a weapon slot for this bonus leaving a wide open door for a support crusader to close it. This being said the season 22 Kanai’s cube bonus 4th slot would definitely have an effect on using this for DPS Crusader