Can I reset my Gold when I start a new character?

I’ve seen threads about accounts, progress, etc, but I really don’t care about that. I’m more interested in resetting my gold when I start a new SP game.
it kind of takes the challenge out of it when I enter New Tristam for my first quest and I’ve got 17.000 on me. Why try to find special items, just buy all of them? No thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Things like gold, blood shards, paragon levels, achievements, season journey progress and so on are all shared between heroes in the same mode, i.e. if you have 17,000 gold in softcore seasonal, any hero created in softcore seasonal will have access to that. Of course, just because you have this available doesn’t mean you have to use it. You could just play with whatever gear you loot from mobs until you’re level 70.

Every season gives you the opportunity to start from scratch on your first seasonal hero but thereafter subsequent heroes have access to what has already been gathered. If you truly want multiple fresh starts you could start a new, seasonal hero in each of the three server regions (EU, US and Asia) each season.

Thanks but I gotta cry foul on this one. Every time I start a new character I get the unfair advantage of having my other characters’ gold. What were they thinking!? Part of the thrill of the previous two was having to work your way up to buying better items.

And “just don’t spend it” is not viable option. So I’m supposed to keep track of all the gold my new character makes and subtract it from the gold that carried over every time I want to buy or sell something? It’s a joke. A total joke.

Let me start fresh, like #1 and #2.

Beginning to think I shouldn’t have bought this.

How long until Resurrected comes out? :smiley:

I can’t see your real account but you seem to have gotten something wrong about this game. You can’t use gold to buy the important stuff that’ll get you anywhere at higher difficulties in both campaign mode and adventure mode.

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Now I’m confused. And thanks BTW for helping me with my ineptitude. Seriously. And sorry for being a little gruff.

If I start a game with no gold, go the merchant in New Tristram, and see a weapon I want early on, obviously I can’t buy it. So I go along, play, build up some money. Later on, I start a new character, only now I have all the gold from the previous, so when I go into town and see the weapon I want, I don’t have to go out and earn the gold to buy it, because I already have it. That kind if feels like cheating.

See what I’m getting at?

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It’s been a long time since I’ve played campaign from scratch. I know that there’s been some complaints about campaign being too easy as opposed to what it was many years ago.
What’s the highest difficulty you can set the game to right now? If you can get up to some torment levels the game should not be that easy and since you can’t buy legendary items and set items you have limited power. Also you don’t get access to all skills and passives untill you’re level 70.

Medium, and it’s not as hard as the originals, which doesn’t really bother me. I’m too old for a huge challenge (I bought #2 the day it came out an midnight), but still, I’d like a fresh empty bank account when I start a new SP game.
And I don’t care about level 70 and all that. I doubt I’d ever go that far. How many levels do you typical reach in a single SP campagne?

With ARPGs I typically start a character, play the campagne, if there is an expansion (ie Hellfire or LOD) I play that, then I delete the character and start over, usually with a different class.

The difficulties ar normal, hard, expert, master and then torment 1, 2, 3… all the way up to 16. Which is available later on and in adventure mode (and more or less when you start fresh in season). So it’s a pity if you can’t start campaign with some kind of challenge.

That’s not the point. I just don’t want my gold, or anything, to carry over from one character to another. I’ll worry about difficulty later.

When you start a new game of Skyrim, or Titan Quest, or Grim Dawn, or Diablo 1 & 2, all of your gold/gear doesn’t transfer from your previous character. Why does it here?

To the majority of players it’s a great thing that gold, paragon points, items and all stuff is available account wide (in the same mode).

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I guess I’m just a dying breed then, a fossil. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s mainly because the story mode (campaign) isn’t that important. The main attraction is Adventure mode where you have Bounties, Rifts, Greater Rifts and Kanai’s Cube.

Still, I’ve played through campaign several times because it has it’s moments and to hear the dialogue from different classes and genders.

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Gold was always shared since “vanilla” D3 back in 2012. Paragon levels, when first introduced, used to be per hero, but were later made account-wide. When blood shards were introduced, they were also account-wide, as is their cap. This isn’t something that’s going to change.

I guess the closest you could get would be to craft a load of items at the blacksmith, which will cost white / blue / yellow materials and gold, until you’ve run out of them, then start a new hero.

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Good job gold only buys crap in Diablo 3, no armour you buy will last more then a few levels, gold has 2 purposes, empowering GR and enchants.

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Because, for better or worse, this game starts after you reach lvl 70 and 99.99% of it takes place in adventure mode. Gold is one of like 10 currencies in this game, some of the rest are gems, 5 differenct act materials, deaths breaths, forgotten souls, etc… You probably haven’t come across most of them but they are crucial for all character progression and customization during end game. D3 is nothing like D2 (or titan quest, grim dawn) for that matter where the campaign happens to be the only place to do all the activities. Here, it is different. Campaign is just for the story, nothing else. The few thousand golds that you 've probably found so far is nothing when you consider that in adventure mode you will start accumulating billions in the higher difficulties.

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Indeed. I’m nearly a trillionaire with gold. Wish the devs would make bounty materials purchasable in gold

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I agree with tinyE. No fun having stuff from a preveus game aveable.

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Did you really just ignite a dead thread from 3yrs ago? :rofl:

Joking aside, I agree to an extent it would be nice to start fresh each time. I wonder however what would happen if you deleted the first character? Would a new character then start off with zero everything? Probably wont work but if someone would like to give it a try then please let us know what happens :slight_smile: