Cannot win in grift 119


Here is a link to my build
I also have tried with pain enhancer and stricken but there was not much difference except stricken.

Should I replace the primal dagger with one that has AD and/or should I then use 105-210 dmg boost or 20% AD on my ring?


My immediate suggestion would be to fix your current Karlei’s

With your current dagger…
Damage: 33,847,686,888
First Target Bonus: 3,384,768,688,788
Total Damage: 101,543,060,664
DPS: 253,857,651,659

Re-rolling the 7% IAS to 10% Damage you get…
Damage: 36,952,465,520
First Target Bonus: 3,695,246,551,969
Total Damage: 110,857,396,559
DPS: 266,057,751,742

I’d also suggest Stricken, Trapped and Gogok as legendary gems.


Could be but AS on weapon buffs other AS if I understood it right for example AS on wep gives 1.61 weapon speed and with it higher than 1.5 then AS on ring would be 7% of 1.61 so I am not really sure if 10% beats AS.


Your primal compass rose is godly. You need a good ancient HPS quiver so you can add an augment to it. Your primal karleis point is sub-standard - you want dex/IAS and % dmg. Your primal helm is godly too! I’ve been after both of those for the past 4 seasons without luck (as is to be expected).

You have a good amount of paragon too (p2478). I did a 119 clear last night on my 1st attempt (just!) with only p1270 (and lower lgems)…you should be walking in the park with your paragon on a 119. And, I had bad mobs (tonnes of succubi on all 3 levels and 2 nasty elite packs that cost me 7 deaths and lost time). I did a 123 with p2270 with my NS char between s15 and s16 after the patch dropped.

Given some of the rolls on your gear (AD on shoulders instead of vit, and - elite dmg instead of vit on chest), I presume you are dying a fair bit? The best combo (imho) on the chest is dex/vit/AR and LPK/-ranged as secondary stats. Hard to get though (I was very lucky and my first shadow chest piece drop in s17 was what I finished the season with!).

I finished up rank 93, pretty happy with that, given I played very few hours in s17 due to work, and I’m a solo player (so low paragon). Feel free to add me if you want - happy to check out your play style and see if there’s anything amiss if you want.




You do not need the Stricken gem when you run solo with DH Impale, it is only for groups as BK. You should take the Bane of the Powerful (or Pain Enhancer but you will be less robust). Then it should not be a problem to clear even 120 as you have very good stuff.


Yes, I meant to add that in my last post but forgot (too many distractions in the home!!!).

Powerful is just an overall better option than pain enhancer imho (based on 4 seasons playing impale and talking to a lot of other impale players).


thx for the anwsers. I will try more with PE this season in my quest for solo 120+ even though I am not dropping any primals this season the other buff will help.

How are your tactics if you are running under PAR when coming to the boss with not enough time to beat without stricken?


I don’t, and never have really used stricken - I heavily dislike its mechanics and design. I don’t tend to have too many issues with RGs - most of them around 119/120 I roll in under a minute, that’s if I have NG (I’m on a PS4, so NG works VERY differently to the PC version and console players have it far, far harder).

I’m not a fan of PE either - I much prefer BOTP.

Tactics? Sorry, but this game revolves around group play and paragon. Player skill means very little, as does player tactics. If you want to push higher, you will need to group up heavily and get more paragon. That is the ONLY way. Skill will not cut it I’m afraid - been there, done that. The sooner Blizzard makes SSF LBs the better as far as I’m concerned. That’ll sort the men from the boys :wink: Too many players rank high on the LBs solely because of group play and the massive paragon advantage that it gives. A game should be about skill, not [paragon] farming.

Good luck with s18! I’ve managed a 114 a week and a half ago with just p750 and 2 augments (@ 110 apiece), not all ancients either. Pretty sure I can do a 115/116 now (my 114 clear was made with very bad mobs, maps and elites), but I’ve been busy working on my HC char for the seasonal journey LBs (should be easy to do the 2 min TX rift, 3 gems to 65, GR 75 and boss mode conquests on HC once I have all the necessary gear and a bit of paragon behind me). edit: I’ll need help with curses on both SC and HC, as it’s near impossible to do solo on consoles due to the much poorer wave rates and spawn rates of mobs on the cursed chest. It’s pretty much only doable in a group on consoles…