Can't join and invite my friend

I am having problem joining my friend or inviting him in party he can’t join also. I just bought Diablo 3 on ps4 and i cant play with my friend it says “there was a problem joining the game” Please help me fix this


This is a long term outstanding issue that has been reported MANY times, and Blizzard has done nothing to fix it. With that said, it may not wholly be Blizzard’s fault either.

The console versions of the game do not use an online server, but instead, peer to peer connections in group play. If this is a routing issue between the 2 players, then they will not be able to join each others games.

Firstly, try and see if you can join someone else’s game. I’m in Australia, but you are welcome to add me for testing - PSN = sparksflyswifty

Some suggestions:

  1. completely shut down your game, and reboot your PS4 and re-test. Sometimes, this fixes the issue.

  2. both of you do point 1) above

  3. if that is not working, then you can try and check your PS4 network settings and make sure that they are OK. Settings ==> network ==> test connection. NAT should be type 2, and you should have successfully signed into the PSN network. Your friend can check this too.

  4. Do you connect your PS4 to your router via wifi or wired? If the former, try using a actual network cable (and reboot the PS4 after swapping connection types of course).

  5. If you have a firewall on your router, turn it off. Re-test connection (just in case it’s some weird NAT port issue). If there’s no change, re-enable your router’s firewall. If there is a change, check your router’s firewall settings - One of the settings may be stopping you from connecting to your friend.

  6. gather some testing evidence - if you have a PC or Mac in the house, test using ping and traceroute to make sure there is no actual network connectivity issue to your friend. Ping should not time out. Traceroute may drop packets from point A to point B as many ISPs/networks turn off ICMP echo ping response, which is in direct violation of RFC requirements…if you have connectivity issues, raise a support ticket with your ISP. Your friend can do this testing at his/her end too (it’s not a bad idea). edit: you can get your public IP address (which you will need) via a website called “what is my IP” (just google it, it’ll be One of the first websites that comes up).

Some iSP core routers can, and do, double NAT, and this can cause issues with game connectivity. I’ve only direct experience with a high end Redback router at an ISP level (I’m an ex lvl 2 network technician for a small ISP). We had our Ciscos doing our ethernet connections and edge firewalls…

Hope this helps.



Ireland here on Xbox and having the same issues. Will try a non seasonal character shortly.

I am also having this issue, any resolution?

It’s been over a year since you mentioned your problem. I’m curious if your problem has been resolved. Im having the same issue.

Thank you so much. your suggestions 4 & 5 fixed my problem. I can now join a game and vise versa. I’m sure this resolved a lot of gamers problems having the same issue. Thank again.

Thank you soo much! You save my evening, tried for 2 hours to join a friend and couldn’t, I disabled my firewall and everything works fine!
Thanks a lot!

Found the solution. You need to set up port forward on your router… it works like a charm for me now… blizzard could have just pinned the answer for all consoles facing this issue…

From sony’s website
you may need to open (forward) the PSN ports on your router.

Ports act as endpoints between two connections, and opening the specific PSN ports can help direct the flow of internet traffic between PlayStation Network and your PS4 or your PS5. IMPORTANT: If you’re not sure what this means, or you don’t know how to open ports on your router, we strongly recommend speaking to your ISP or router manufacturer before changing any settings on your router. Try opening the following ports on your router, then let us know if it solved the problem.
TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
UDP: 3478, 3479

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Také my to nejde nemohou se připojit z přítelem

Also get this bug super frequently and only is fixed by restarting game.

I’ll be skipping Diablo 4 as if Blizz haven’t bothered to fix this on D3 and they refuse to let us have an offline mode.

It’s so sad whats happened to Blizzard in the last few years, they were once highly respected but now? Yeah, not so much…