Cant progress past 50


my build is built around Frozen Orb, strengthen by tal rasha + triumvirate. damage output is pretty nice. i kill stuff fast. but i also die fast.

the boss of 55 kill me and i know im strong enough for 60. MAYBE 65.
the problem is toughness. i got 9m toughness i get one shot, especially by range.

im trying to work on it, even sacrificing damage. but still get one shot by bosses and range.
what to do ?

I don’t really play Wizard much but maybe a build guide might help…

However, one thing I know for sure is that there’s got to be a better weapon choice than a two-handed mace, i.e. a wand + orb, because they’ll give you the option of having two legendary affixes which could greatly affect your damage / mitigation. Also, you have a Gem of Ease in your current weapon. Replace that with the largest emerald you can craft, as that grants Critical Hit Damage, which will vastly improve your damage.

Your problem is mitigation, you say. You have multiple armour items which lack the +armor affix, e.g. boots = reroll movement speed to armour, legs = reroll life regen to armour, belt = reroll magic missile to vitality, shoulders = reroll resource cost reduction to %life.

Like meteor blade suggested, having legendary wand and a source will give you much more damage in most cases, even if its not ancient.
I dont see royal ring of grandeur in your cube which means you are not getting 6pc bonus set which makes wearing all other tall items obsolete pretty much.
Dominance passive is good but not on boss so i would swap that for illusionist maybe. And then swap teleport arcane rune to safe passage, extra defense.
If you struggle with survival id also change cold blooded for blur passive.
Hydra doesnt do much damage or offer any utility in this setup neither does ray of frost, but its your build and if you enjoy it im not gonna suggest anything else to replace it. If you were to swap it though id suggest slow time for ray of frost.
Those suggestions are for gear you are wearing at the moment, there are better alternatives but either you know that or your gonna discover so im not gonna spoil surprise.

Old display bug… hover your mouse over any of the Tal Rasha set items and you will see that Frog has the RoRG in the cube. The display bug also affects Leoric’s Crown… I’m sure Blizzard is aware and that they will fix it… soon :slight_smile:

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I see, thanks.
But rest of message still stands, you will not lose your stacks as you already have arcane from black hole.

-im using the gem of ease on “less important runs” for exp push. but for progress, i use ruby for the +damage. i found it have more damage but ill check out the emerald suggestion.
-im using Teleport with Ancient Parthan Defenders. if i get something else to get stun with it, ill be happy to use it.
im using hydra and ray of frost for fast and cheap for the buff.

about my 2-handed mace. i found many wands and sources but i could not find both combined surpass the stats from this mace. they are sooooo high. if primal is max ancient stats, then its pretty close to it.

ill check out everything you all mentioned. especially the thoughness stuff.
thanks to everyone.

Having more damage, by using an emerald, will result in you getting more XP than using your Gem of Ease for the simple reason that you can run higher difficulty content, i.e. higher rank GRs. I imported your Wizard into to demonstrate.

Here she is in your current build / gear…
…with 624,129 damage.

I don’t know if it was an import issue, but it seems that none of your 582 paragon points have been allocated. I know there’s an issue with the site not being able to work out how the Core tab’s points are allocated but the Offense, Defence and Utility points are normally read correctly. So, one incredibly basic question incoming here… have you spent your Paragon points? (Press P to view the Paragon window, allocate the points to the stats). As an example, allocating those points gets you to…

Here she is with the Paragon points allocated…
…with 807,749 damage.

Here she is with a Ruby in her weapon…
…with 861,994 damage.

Here she is with an Emerald in her weapon…
…with 960,340 damage.

So, allocating paragon / using an Emerald increased your damage from 624K to 960K, i.e. over 50%.

thanks, guess ill go for emerald then.

*im using paragon. probably just a website bug.
**of course im not using gem of ease when i try to solo higher grifts.
gem of ease is for groups when i try to upgrade gems and stuff.

You can use slow time point of no return to stun enemies. It will also keep them at distance so you can take advantage of explosion damage of frozen orb which is your main damage dealer.
Slow time and teleport are getting their cooldown reset as per illusionist passive, so should be available when you most need them.

Sources that would be game changing in your build are:
Orb of infinite depth
Etched sigil
Trumvirat - and then cube 1 of above

Unstable scepter

Pretty much any stats on those items in combination will trump the benefit of having inflated raw damage by primal 2 hander.