CDR for Aegis of Valor set

What CDR should I be aiming for using this set?

Heaven’s Fury Crusaders are heavily Cooldown-dependent, so try to your best to reach a 60%+ CDR point in your sheet to ease the strain on your Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac resets.

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Thanks for that - I presume CDR is more important than CHC/CHD.

It’s not a build I play personally, but 60% CDR tends to be the value required to maintain 100% up-time of class “super” abilities, i.e. in this case…Akarat's Champion - Game Guide - Diablo III
…because it gives you 150% armour and, with Prophet, gives you a free “cheat death”. CHC / CHD are responsible for increasing the damage you deal but you need to stay alive first to be able to hand it out.

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