Chapter 4 exquisiteness not working

I have completed all perquisites for chapter IV quests except exquisiteness.

Afaik, in order to complete the quest, I am supposed to reroll a primary stat to “socket” on a non-socketed item @Myriam/mystic. I have tried the recipe on both a rare and a legendary item, but failed to receive quest?

What am I doing wrong?

Am I supposed to “reforge a legendary” in the cube with socks? Is zoltan kulle the new mystic?

Ty for help

I know this is not the correct forum to open this topic, but it is the only “available” option where I can start one. Yo blizz dudes, wake up and update the forums pls.

The exact text on the task is…

Reforge a weapon property to a socket at the Mystic

Whilst it’s possible to reforge the properties of helms, chests, legs, amulets and rings to have sockets, none of those qualify for this task. It has to be a weapon. It does not need to be a legendary. Craft a cheap yellow level 70 weapon at the blacksmith, take something you gambled at Kadala, something a mob dropped, and so on and change a primary affix into a socket. (Top tip - do not reroll main stat or vit on the weapon as these are heavily weighted affixes, choose one of the other primary affixes)


1st step is the make sure you are trying to reforge the correct piece of equipment (armor, weapon).
2nd is to make sure there isn’t a level requirement. Now if there isn’t a level requirement, forge the lowest level rare item that meets the requirement for enchantment (it is the cheapest).
Next, in the enchantment window with Myriam, check each property listed in the enchant window and view the possible replacements. Select the property that has the fewest possible values and still includes the socket you are looking for. This maximizes your chances to get the socket in the fewest tries.

Finally… this can get EXPENSIVE. enchant low level items if you can get away with it. Also, limit the number of tries per item to just a handful. If you can’t get what you want with a “junk” weapon/item anyway, get rid of it and start the process over with a new weapon/item.

Hope this helps! (I blew through a LOT of gold before i figured this out… probably should have done some more googleing… but hey!)

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As this thread was posted six months ago during Season 23, it’s unlikely to be of much help to the original poster unless they have a time machine.

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You saved me spme head ache. Turns out all alot of us had to do was read… hahaha


This was good. 9M and 40+ attempts. It is one in 13 chance so get ready for heavy spending. Glad I had 20M. Now I have the season set.