Chest Pain - GoD Vitality vs All Resistance?

So, I just got this primal chest for the GoD build in S22. Bad stats basically, but the best I could do was either max out Vitality or All Res. (It had some hatred regen to start with.)

`[D3 GoD Chests](`

I’ll gain a lot of Recovery and some minor Toughness with the primal one, but raw Vitality would drop to 625k from 650k.

I think my ancient chest is quite ok, at least until I get something which allows for dex, socket, vit and reduce elite dmg. Would you go for the primal or keep the ancient one? (and why?)

(For reference: Presently at ~1300 paragons, applying enhances at 100-110, farming 3-4min/GR105:s because it’s a convenient speed. Main gems around 120.)

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Here are the stats with your Current Gear

  • Damage 4,014,583
  • Toughness 210,902,448
  • Recovery 28,906,071

Here are the stats using the Primal with All Resist

  • Damage 4,028,441
  • Toughness 214,854,093
  • Recovery 30,887,317

Here are the stats using the Primal with Elite Damage Reduction

  • Damage 4,028,441
  • Toughness 201,195,557
  • Recovery 28,923,773

So, of the two, the option with Resist All gives you better mitigation than the Elite Damage Reduction. I’d have suggested that anyway, because I don’t think it’s worthwhile dropping an affix that gives you protection against everything in the GR to get something that only gives you protection against the elites / guardians.

Having said that, unless I had lots of high level gems just sitting and waiting to be turned into a Caldesann’s Despair on the primal, I just wouldn’t swap to it and instead wait until you get an ancient chest with DEX / VIT / All Res primaries.