Clan and Own Rifts [concept]

I don’t know if anyone has already expressed such thoughts before, but maybe not.
Thinking on how to diversify and make more interesting the social component of Diablo3, in particular the clan, I came to the next concept.
Since Blizzard like different types of portals (greaters, sets, approaching ones like challenge rifts), why not develop it in the system for Creating Own Dungeons (rifts), at least clans, where you could choose “depth” (up to 10 floors) of the rift, with the possibility of regulating, for example, such parameters as:

  1. types of locations; 2) the size of the map on each level; 3) atmosphere (illumination/weather for each location separately); 4) types of monsters; 5) the boss.
    And in the rift there is no need for a counter, but it would be necessary to go through and find the portal entrance to the boss at the last floor of the dungeon - that the boss would be in a separate room (as 11 floor), like arenas for act bosses.
    In the end, it turns out something like an event about diablo1 in shortcut form and your own style)))

P.S. In principle, I have a suspicion that Blizzard could already think and prepare something similar - something was represented on Blizzcon with the announcement of Necromancer - static dungeon with preset parameters and a portal to the boss’s room at the end.

P.P.S. Of course, ideally, in order to further accent the clan orientation of the rift, it would be possible to supplement this system with the opportunity to choose the starting (zero) location for the creation of the town - your Clan Sanctuary! That is, with options for choice, not just from existing towns, but to let people equip their own (like garrison in WoW, even better), for example, taking as a basis Alcarnus or Leoric’s Royal Quarters(!) and arrange there artisans, traders, etc. It would be great to be like visiting other clans/players, and they in turn to invite in their small worlds.

And it is completely “unreal”, even as an option, to tie all this editor of bosses - a model of the monster, size, color, ability. But why there, then immediately make an editor of monsters, which could populate your rift :smiley: