Clearing Greater Rift 70 Solo Help!

I’ve been working the last couple of days of getting greater rift lvl 70 completed so I can unlock the primal ancients, I made it up all the way till level 68 but I just keep hitting a wall. everything one shots me and I am not entirely clear what I can do to improve enough to be able to clear it asap. Anybody have some tips for me? (Check my profile to see my Barbarian build)

EDIT: Also I am missing ‘’ BUL-KATHOS’S SOLEMN VOW ‘’ for the set as my weapons but besides that I have my ideal build.

You only use 2 unique gems, which are only around lvl 30.
Put a socket into the amulet, add the third ugem and
make sure your ugems are around the level of the GR you’re trying (70).
Also make sure, that your CDR is around 50+ %, so you
can make “permanent” use of WotB.
There is also a passive Boon of Bul-Kathos to further
reduce important cooldowns.


If you mean your Whirlwind Barb, that’s not ideal…
I have no idea why you thought you should include the bonuses of the Blackthorne set, but that’s just plain wrong. Also, either having the BK sword set or Istvan’s paired blades are fundamental to the build. Using non-ancient versions of the one-handers with the proper affixed on them is preferable to the ancient two-hander you currently have equipped. For a full and comprehensive guide to Whirlwind, I’d recommend this…

[Guide] Zodiac Whirlwind (Season 18)

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use this help you can clear gr 70 and up no time all you need is a litle work and grainding d3planner 118649165

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