Confused by my damage output

Hi all,

Was hoping someone could help me out here. I’m at max level running greater rifts at around tormet 8 and standard rifts at tormet 6. Don’t have the best gear and I do consistent damage and very rarely die. Before I move up I need to get some better stuff and gems. However, on GR bosses and uber bosses I seem to be doing insane damage.

For example, I could be consistantly removing the boss’ HP then suddenly he is dead. Regardless of his hp %, it could be as low as 30% or as high as 80%. On one occassion I killed one of the uber bosses on torment 6 who has 100% and the other was at 70%.

If there is a way to show you my gear, please let me know. But in the meantime I have the following.

Full set of Arachyr (only 1 Max yellow Gem)

1h - The Barber

Offhand - Ancient Manajuma

Rings - Restraint & Oculus (Banes of Powerful & Stricken)

Belt - Sash of Knives

Amulet - Haunt of Vaxo

Bracers - Sanguinary Vambraces

Damage - 384,661

Toughness - 8,826,772

Recovery - 229,747

Cube - Gazing Demise


Spirit Walk w/ Healing Journey

Hex w/ Toad of Hugeness


Fetish Army w/ Head hunters

Corpse Spiders w/ Widowmakers

Spirit Barrage w/ Manitou

If anyone has some idea, please let me know. It is frustrating doing this damage but not knowing how which means I cannot further improve it or even risk losing it by changing skills or gear.

Well, you have the complete set, you should be doing T13 at least…

Thats because you are using “The Barber” Once you stop casting the accumulated damage will be delivered at once…

Just click on your name?

Why aren’t you using the appropriate skill ?(Firebats?)
See here for some help:

Exactly. You can think of the barber as a battery that stores damage inside. You let go and all the damage explodes. If you are hitting the boss constantly, at some point all this accumulated damage is going to exceed the boss’s hp and it will instantly kill it. That is how the mechanics of the Barber works. It is very usual to one shot bosses at half hp with this build because all that time that you are hitting it with spirit barrage you have accumulated tones of damage that surpass by far the health pool of the boss and it detonates