Crusader clones - Season 22


Has anyone run into some problems when spawning crusader clones? I noticed that some times my clone is nowhere to be seen after i clicked on pylon. Is this a bug or something?? My necro clones are always 100% working but not my crusader clones.


I reported the problem on the Bug Report forum…

The issue is with the clone’s use of the Falling Sword ability. The clone leaps up into the sky, but never lands again, and essentially despawns. As two of the three clone varieties have this ability, this means two thirds of your clones will despawn within a few seconds of clicking a pylon / shrine.


Oh thank you, for a moment i thought i was going crazy cause there was definitely something wrong. Yes, as you said it seems like most of the time the clone vanishes. Hope they fix it soon. At the beginning i thought that my cheat death or something related to Akarat’s Champion was interfering but i was wrong.

Due to power creeps, the clone leaps into outer space and can’t find the way back. :slight_smile: