Crusader damage vs gr level

sort of a new player, i played season 20 and took a break.

im trying an off season crusader … blessed shield variant.

i just did my first gr100 in 12min and finally upgraded my lod gem to 99
so ive seen 15 to 20 trillion crits if i can even see them with all those kiwis flying everywhere !
so how high can i go solo with those numbers ? and is it just more paragon and augments
i need now … apart from some key primals.

also some of my skills seem obsolete now, consecrate and punish*
(*keeping for shield block boost ?)
Im also trying NOT to use skills that need wrath so my aquilla cuirass damage reduction stays up, so any suggestions ?

Take a look at this guide for up-to-date skills / runes / equipment…

However, as it says in the first section of the guide…

On current patch, LoD Blessed Shield Crusader build is completely outclassed by either Heavens’s Fury Crusader or LoN Bombardment Crusader in every imaginable scenario. The only reason to play this build right now is if you’ve always deeply admired Captain America and want to be just like him.