Crusader Phalanx items buff

I’ve been playing around with a crusader “pet” build Phalanx (bowman rune). It’s extremely fun and fast on low torments, but lacks in power from the items. I’ve really love if Eternal Union, Unrelenting Phalanx and Warhelm of Kassar received higher damage modifier, maybe even throw in a new item that would modify the effect of Phalanx skill (like AOE damage or something)
Here’s to hoping Blizzard reads this post. :slight_smile:

Greetings, fellow player. I have adressed the issue of Phalanx not being useful enough by proposing many improvements to it.

How would you like the Bowmen rune to give you 2 permanent Bowman Avatars that generate Wrath with every attack and you could command them to shoot rapid piercing fire to a target location, instead of 8 of them that you have to keep summoning and still can’t take down a Fallen?

Feel free to check my post, a debate would be able to make everybody realize how weak and useless Phalanx is now.