Crusader Recommendation

Hi, I’ve never had a crusader before so I was just wondering what is the most
commonly used build and strongest build of the crusader especially if I want to
do high level greater rifting and what set should I start to search for.

However the build still stands as one of the strongest Rift Guardian Killers and one of the strongest solo builds across all classes. The raw power of the set itself also makes it very easy to get into higher difficulties straight away, even before the full build is completed.

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Thanks that looks really awesome, I’ll check it out.

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Aegis of Valor can be played with fists of the heavens too. This is not as strong as heaven’s fury but more easy and relaxing. Fists of the heavens is mostly used for bounties and Nephalem rifts and not high GRs but you can farm GRs with it too. I am able to farm GR120 in less than 4 minutes but I have also pretty good gear and more than 2000 paragons.

Other than that, invoker thorns and bombardment crusader are also top builds currently, but pay attention to secondary stats on gear, since you need thorns damage.