Crusader Revitalised

After playing D2and D3 since Beta, recently I became disinterested. This was mainly due to the Crusaders lack of appeal and low success rate and NEED for certain drops to attain higher G-Rift levels.

However thankfully due to the latest Aegis of Valour Set this has changed dramatically. Apart from needing the actual set pieces (which is the same for everyone) you don’t ned an independent weapon to make the set work. You can use the best one you have since the damage scales of the Bonuses not a weapon affix.

Currently I have a Deaths Breath set and a G-Rift set, and I am switching between Fire and Lightning skills, which makes it a lot more interesting, I can almost keep up with my Monk friend (using the mount at times) but with the extra movement speed from Iron skin, and the way you can just melt mobs, its a really fun and wholesome build.

Thank you Diablo 3 team, for putting the Crusader back onto the map and making D3 a fun game to play again!