D3 English (EFIGS) version is not available for download in the PSN store

Hello everyone!

I know the problem is plenty discussed, but there is still no fix for that. So the issue:

  1. My PSN region is Russia
  2. A few years ago I bought D3 Ultimate Evil Edition (now in the store is D3 Eternal collection)
  3. Two versions of the same game were added to my gaming Library. The difference is language packs: one - for RU/PL and other - EFIGS
  4. English language included into EFIGS version, but not into RU/PL.
  5. And for some unknown and strange reason I can download only RU/PL version, but not EFIGS one - there is no download button at all.

Moreover there is no category in blizzard support for console users of D3, so I forced to find a workaround to write them about the issue. They still didn’t say to me something new but I am trying to get a reasonable answer from them at least.

It’s hard to believe that there are bunch of complaints from other users and the problem still exists. Just a few of them:

As expected, after my communication with the Blizzard support they directed me to the PlayStation support to ask them for help in downloading the EFIGS version of the game.

According to the links i posted earlier, many users did that path before me and I think I will end up with an answer like “the game publisher is locked EFIGS version from being download in russia/poland countries”

But i will try…