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Is there some kind of bug that i don’t know about,people’s profiles showing 8-10 k rifts completed this season,sitting at 7-8 k paragon ?

Its been a nearly 600 hours since S28 was released,and most of those ‘‘top players’’ have almost 600 hours spent in game,i mean what the actual F?

Not a bug! It’s their actual paragon. This is usually the case of bots or account sharing. Without any actual proof of course but just a logical deduction since one cannot be in front of a computer 24/7 and not rest, eat, sleep. They are there every season pretty much. They will probably finish this season with 10000+ paragons given how strong every build is with the altar. Bots get banned once in a while but it’s been a significant problem in D3 for many years. In Asian servers, it’s way worse. For every legit player, there are 10 bots.


The first thing to check is that you’re actually looking at the right part of their profile…

In-game, right-click on another player’s name and choose View Profile
Select the Seasons tab on the left
Select the current season, i.e. Season 28
Select the Summary section

This will display a screen showing all the activity in that season and in that season only. There are seven bars, one for each hero class which, when hovered over, will show the amount of time spent playing that class in that season only. Totalling the times shown in each of the seven bars will give the figure for the total amount of time played on that account in that season only. That figure is in no way related to whether none, any or all of the heroes were rebirthed or not.

For example, here’s mine…

Sometimes people will look at a hero’s play time instead and if that happens to be a rebirthed hero that includes the time the hero was played in the current season, in any previous seasons and in non-seasonal play.

But, yes, lots of people have so many hours played that it equates to an average of 20+ hours a day, for an entire season, i.e. something that no single human could accomplish so they’re either botting, account-sharing, or both.


And then there are obvious exploits that aren’t taken care of. Not yet at least, as far as I know.

On consoles, it’s even more blatant. Because of local saves, items are modded and do 1000 times more damage than they are supposed to (10 stat rings, 6 socket weapons, 6 digit numbers on items, etc). I remember when GR150 clears were once in a year, there were 1-minute GR150 clears on the consoles. Why or how is blizzard not dealing with this is something I’ll never know.

It costs money to fix without them gaining any profit from it, they don’t care about you unless it costs them money directly.

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Only on PS/Switch and maybe Xbox 360 but that’s limited to non season anyway.

Xbox One saves can’t be modified because it still hasn’t been hacked yet. We will have to see if it will ever be hacked.