D4 and youtube/web issues

When playing D4 in its current stat i cant play youtube on a 2nd monitor as its stuttering and glitchinging, its the same with tring to play netflix/ amazon prime but Spotify is fine. its not the 2nd monitor thats the issue, its that D4 uses all the bandwith and nothing else works in terms of streaming/ watching vids while playing off the same pc. Games like d3 and d2r works fine.

im pc spec is good too, i7 12700k, 32gig ddr5 ram, 3080ti asus, 7000mb read/right ssd


It would seem that you took the wrong exit at the last roundabout… Diablo IV forums are that way:

Best of luck in your games !


Might be a RAM issue… the game eats every bit of RAM possible so having something memory intensive on the background might be problematic.