Damage mitigation GR 150

Hi Everyone, So I was the 4 mang GR 150 video from streamer Raxxanterax here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aWDVHs9nPg

What I want to know is the following: Howcome he can move through a laser at GR 150 without even dropping 1 point of hp?

My Monk at GR 95 with all diamonds, mantra of salvation and epiphany gets destroyed in seconds. So how can this character at 150 move through stuff unscathed? What is the magic he is using?

Also i check on leaderboards and monks with very similar damge and LESS resistances push GR 133? If i dare go higher then 95 there is just no way I can no 1. Kill any elites in a timely fashon and no2. God forbid I just touch anything bad. I tried even removing Wirts Neck cause of the 50% damge and replace it with total Fire Resistance Neck. This still does not upgrade me from a peice of wet paper towel, to a strong and sturdy Monk.

So, if anyone so kind as to explain to me in detail how on earth do these people do this? The monk set is Patterns of Justice and no we do not have dashing stike in the build to get away fast enough. (well in some cases).

Thanks, Katenip

I just took another glance at the start of the video (saw it in full the other day). I can see that the monks health fluctuates a lot from time to time so he’s not immune to damage. Maybe what you saw was when a shield pylon was up? If he has Flavor of Time it lasts two minutes.

Look at minute 2 mark on… No shield pylon there. Sure the monk gets a beating but the barb just moves as if no worries in the world. How is that possible? Surely the laser must destroy him instantly?

Edit: Even the monk resist quite good. On my 95 I surely would die. But i guess he is Support yes? Is that the secret? I thought they only heal and not mitigate damage.

I can’t see the US leaderboard but in game you can check the 4 man leaderboard (right click your portrait) and look at “view hero details”. Then you can see what skills and items the players used when they did the GR.

Man his timing on the 1, 2, and 4 button presses are SO precise. Mechanical prefection!
Blizz really should just add an auto-cast toggle or something.

Monk in video: Just jumped through the video, so didn’t get to see the moving through laser moment, but

I did notice the monk runs Serenity so maybe they had it on?

@OP: About the GR95 struggle, not sure If your profile updated correctly but your Cube ring slot is empty, if you are missing a Grandeur then none of your sets’ max bonus were activated.

edit: just saw your earlier reply and watched from 2 min on. yeah, im 80% positive it’s Serenity, it has the group affecting rune, visible on the buff bar.

It’s a long-standing bug that if you have a Ring of Royal Grandeur in the Cube’s jewellery slot, it doesn’t show up on the Armoury site properly. However, it’s easy to see if it’s active, just by hovering over one of the set pieces equipped and seeing if the full 6-piece bonus is active or not.

It’s called resistances.

If you want to be tanky as you need to roll resistances on all items + if you got for example Flavor of Time or Leoric’s Crown lon on your wizard od wd and change strength/dexterity into intellect

Yes i have all gems on resistance, unfortunately can not use crown or flavor as my damgae will not be enought then. Wirt’s Necklace is recommened for my buil but hells bells, the 50% damage debuff is in high rifts not so welcome. So if i compare my monk to the highest one in leaderboards I am very similar in build yet the gap from 105 to 133 is steep man.How do they survive and I get oneshot by creeping corpse even. They just look at me and I am dead. As said, my build does not include dash so you can’t just run out of the bad stuff.

As for the ring, yes I have it cubed, it just does not render on here or on the diablo rankings pages eitehr. But it’s there.

So for me and my biggest riddle is how can they move through a oneshot mechanic at level 150 where i already get destroyed at 95/105 ish. There must be some kind of magic.

Edit: Also, my build has only 3 items without any resistances. So having 3 more will put be into the position to pull GR 130 at least?

Wait, there is one small problem.

you are talking about two different builds.

  1. They are in 4 man group so they buff each other for example monk is boosted by 25% buff from ignore pain.
  2. This barb from yt is support barb he is designed only to pull and pixel density. He does 0 damage, all his paragon are in vit, he use all his items for toughness not damage.

If you want to do damage and have same surviability as zdps barb you want something impossible.

The only reason they can move on lasers without taking damage is because they got monk’s temple, healing mantra with time of need rune, ignore pain that buff enite party.

In solo push scenario you don’t have access to this buffs and you want to sacrifice surviability for damage.

Looked at you build and you and I are almost identical in gear and paragon. I’m currently pushing 115. While things can kill me I’m not instantly dying.

I sit around 800m toughness and I’m not running unity, I’m using Coe.

I should easily be able to get up to 120 with my current gear since I m finishing 113 in 8mins in shit rifts.

I think maybe you should drop Serenity and switch in Cycle strike soothing breeze. I use it and it’s insane sustain and 130+ solo monks use it pretty consistent as well.

For damage, you need to drop the Gizzard ASAP and get Stricken. I hit the non Stricken cap at 110 and could progress without it.

Playstyle. Unlike barb, you want to do circles around your cluster, not be in it, skirting the edge to still proc stricken. Especially against elites with ground effects, dodge does nothing against that.

You dive into the pack at 100 TR stacks on cold. Blow your blind and release. Rinse and repeat as needed, always pulling the cluster forward in the rift.

I hope this helps a little.

As a Monk main I can tell you the reason why you take so much damage.
As most people know I’m sure already is that Monks has a high dodge chance
not damage reduction, well I suppose it also depends on how you’re building the Monk to work.

As an example here; Epiphany with the [Rune] Desert Shroud gives you a 50% damage reduction buff and that is to all damage taken.

But dodge chance has the chance of negating the damage all together from 1 attack be it a spell or a melee attack and the higher dodge chance you have
the more likely you will dodge the enemy attack. So all the toughness you see in your stats window isn’t exactly true because it isn’t like damage reduction where you have it up all the time it’s just a “random” chance of it occurring.