Demon Hunter - 2 very annoying bugs that need fixing!

Many years ago I came across this hatred bug where the hatred runs out and is not returned as it should. I also had a 2 year hiatus from the game due to personal reasons. I am now back in the game and I see the bug still exists.


Using the Shadow Impale build which can be viewed on my profile. I have mostly primals and infact I am only missing 3 primals for the whole set. My damage is about 4,2 Million and my paragon is 2641.

I have found that on certain elites and Guardians, that hatred actually runs out when attacking them. I have paid close attention to where it happens and yesterday, while in a group with friends, we played about 25 GRs and twice the boss was the Man Carver… in both instances, while attacking with my dagger, my hatred quickly got depleted. Now, my build is such that there is actually no way i should or can run out of hatred. It hardly ever happens - only when fighting certain elites and this particular RG.

If i am attacking a single target (Man Carver) and impale him once, he is “already impaled” so when i attack him a 2nd and 3rd time etc etc, he is “already impaled” and therefore I should get 15 hatred returned to me. BUT THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!


Very often, I need to vault to either move around faster or get out of the way of trouble, for example, and explosion when an elite is killed. I use the number “2” on my keyboard to vault and the mouse arrow to show the direction to vault towards. However, what is happening (very often) is that my character will vault forwards and then immediately back to the starting point of the first vault. This is highly risky coz i could have beenb vaulting to get away from danger and the return vault puts me right back in danger. Furthermore, if I am vaulting to move from one area or pack to another pack or area, it wastes a lot of time. I then fall back in the group and end up doing less work while the rest do more work. This isnt fair. Not to mention the waste of DISCIPLINE (in builds where vault costs discipline). In this build I am using the “chain of shadows” which means the vault is free for 2 seconds after using impale. But this doesnt mean it should be ignored. There are times when I have to vault and i havent used impale, which means it will cost valuable discipline.

These 2 bugs need to be addressed. I have no doubt they are bugs because i have been playing DH for years and I know how this is supposed to work. Hatred should be returned when I am impaling a boss already impaled… and I should only be vaulting once forwards (not backwards) because I only pushed the key to vault ONCE.

Anyone got any insight to provide on these issues?


I was going to suggest you use the Bug Report forum, but I see you’ve already done so…

I’ve answered you there.

Meanwhile, over on the US Bug Report forum…