Demon Hunter I'm a little confused with the power


I playing online for 4 months Diablo 3. I have 70 (904) Demon Hunter Damage: 1700. I met Demon Hunter 70 (700) with Damage: 900 but in the game he’s better kills much faster. Maybe I have something wrong ???


Many stats/bonuses are not included in the calculation of the damage on the sheet.
So comparing the damage with others is meaningless.

According to your profile, you are using UE set. You should use Yang bow and Dead Man’s Legacy quiver. These two items boost Multishot a lot (~9 times!). Get the Yang back from your Scoundrel (+175%MS = 2.75x times MS damage).

You should have ~36.7% Cool Down Reduction on the sheet so that Vengeance is almost up all the time. That’s why, most DH uses diamond on the helm.

Many other problems in your build. Try studying some UE build guides.


You need to change MANY things on your equip and skills. Go to diablofans dot com and look at Wudijo DH solo multishot GR100+ build fo answers.


Completely wrong build.
Read here: www diablofans com/builds/95742-2-6-1-multishot-solo-gr100