DH impale dmg question


Does 75000% dmg applies to all 3 daggers?
And does extra dmg lets say from f&r add 50%+50%dmg to 75000% so 750100% dmg or is it 100% of total dmg so 100% of 75000% is 150000% dmg :smiley:


Yes. And unlike other multi target skills, all 3 daggers can hit the same target.

The 2 bonus of F&R are separated multipliers, so their total is more than 100%.
(1+50%)*(1+50%) = 2.25 = (1+125%)
i.e. total is +125%

Also the bonuses are multiplicative with 75000%.
i.e. 2.25 * 75000% = 168750%

I think Shadow builds don’t have any generator. So people usually use EW set rather than F&R. Also, EW provides some toughness.


Fantastic information! Thank you! :blush:


That’s correct, as Karlei’s Point returns more Hatred than is spent by throwing the daggers with Impale as long as you don’t one-shot mobs. For that reason Focus + Restraint aren’t useful. Endless Walk set combined with Convention of Elements and Elusive Ring (wear one, cube the other). There’s mitigation from EW and Elusive, which gives a lot of mitigation that’s required for the melee range playstyle of Impale.


You can play the build with hellfire ammy/F&R, but it, imho, does less dmg than EW set and has less toughness too. MB and MS are absolutely correct in their replies.

If you need some love with hatred (say, for lower torment level GRs, rifts or bounties), you can:

swap aquilas in cube to visage of gunes
swap vengeance rune to seethe (rather than dark heart)
swap companion rune from wolf to bat
remove diamond from helm and add topaz for more RCR.

I have found that if you’re running lightning based build variant, you don’t typically need to change the helm’s gem.

An important thing to remember when playing impale (well 2 things really):

a) vault from mob to mob (don’t walk) - it keeps the EW set dmg buff at 100%

b) get right in the monster’s face before firing off your impale shot - it guarantees a hit.

This is why impale probably has the largest single target dmg of any character build in the game (other than perhaps the necro’s OP AF land of the dead which seriously needs nerfing imho).


Just want to add a comment to F&R.
Even I have said the total bonus of F&R is 125%, but you can’t get it in average because you need to fire generator every 5 seconds to proc the bonuses. The generator usually does insignificant damage. If you take the average, the bonus will be smaller than 125%.

Therefore, @mrtheoden’s comment is correct, for the impale builds, IMO.