Diablo 3 character missing

Diablo III - I am pretty sure I completed this game, on PC

Redownloaded because I want to play again, perhaps make a new character, but I have no character there, Just a level 1 :confused:

I swear I played this game, to the end, was it all just a dream?
I never had a godly character?

I tried switching regions to no avail

(I just copy pasted this as a ticket)

All I can think is that you might have had another Battle.Net account (e-mail / password).
But yeah, if you cannot figure it out, a ticket is the way to go…

If you still have your authentication codes for D3 on PC… and if you didn’t include them on the ticket… I think you can add them to your ticket: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/case

Good luck !


Ahh I think I did change my email, but having looked through my purchase history with blizzard, it looks like I didn’t buy Diablo 3, so I guess it was all just a dream :(Probably was Diablo 2) … going to buy it and complete it before Diablo 4 comes out

ty for your reply

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On console D3 you can’t find characters made in PC version because you don’t need Battlenet account in console version of D3.