Diablo 3 - Holiday gift missing 2023-24?

It doesn’t seem like the goblins or rift guardians are dropping the annual holiday gifts ? Could the switch be flipped and make it rain presents ?

The Holiday theme was only ever a one off thing it seems. Diablo 2 Res. has had its special theme announced a while ago so I assume if we were getting one it would have been announced at the same time. Anyway, its not like we need more ways of getting mats this season now is it? I dont know about you but this season I for one have more mats than I need by a long shot.

I believe most people want this theme to be back so that they have a chance to get the Cosmic Wings.

As for me, as I was lucky enough to get these wings last year (in a Holiday Gift), but I would be ready to spend dozens of hours speed farming GRs if this theme were to come back with a chance to get the Rainbow Portrait. (237 Whimsyshire runs, nothing yet…)

Aye, the Cosmic Wings and the Rainbow Portrait are pretty much the only long-term things I’ve never obtained in the game.

Are you still trying to obtain them?

How many Whimsyshire/Whimsydale runs have you completed so far, if you do not mind my asking?

Not actively. I did a few hundred Whimsyshire runs because they’re 100% creatable using the staff. Whimsydale, just as and when I came across a rainbow goblin. Probably a couple of hundred too. If the festive gifts came back, that’d give an opportunity to get the wings without having to break from doing the usual nephalem / greater rifts.

I read about this trick I didn’t know about on the US forum the other day:

I’ll try it in my next runs…

P.S.: is it normal that the above text that I copied/pasted (including its reference) from the US forum isn’t clickable from the EU forum?

Same here, but I no longer covet them like I did awhile ago