Diablo 3 Roguelite, ready for testing!

Good day, fellow Nephalem!

Me and my friend have developed a new meta game for diablo 3, called Diablo 3 Roguelite. I’m sure that long time Diablo fans could really enjoy this new perspective for this old game.

It’s not about end game grind, but instead making it all about brutally hard, constantly changing and interesting leveling process.

The idea is that you’ll get randomized rules for your leveling progress from 1 to 70, and for every 10 levels there are phases that will generate more rules and ramp up the difficulty.

When (if) you get to level 70, you’ll get the final challenge, and if you complete it, you have beaten the game with that difficulty.

And of course, the ultimate challenge is to eventually beat the game on Inferno difficulty.

This Roguelite works best if you saved one region’s HC Season (or non season if it’s empty) for this only, so you can start a legit Roguelite journey. With every death, you start the next round more resourceful.

The game is now ready for beta testing and we would love to get everyone’s feedback on how we should develop this game onward.

Check it out at https://d3roguelite.com/

Your website is just a list of self-imposed restrictions intended to make the game harder, e.g. restrictions on what skills / runes your hero can use, what type of equipment they can use, not using Kadala, not having legendaries in certain slots, solo self found, not using a challenge rift cache, and so on.

You don’t have a game. What you’ve developed is a website with a list of restrictions that you want players to self-apply to Blizzard’s game.

Posting broken links is a sure-fire way to get less people to bother unmangling the link to go to the site…

  1. Copy the URL to the clipboard
  2. Paste the URL into your forum post
  3. Highlight the URL in your post
  4. Click the </> button in the editor
  5. This will turn your URL into pre-formatted text
  6. Whilst not clickable, the URL will be properly formatted so others can copy / paste it like this… https://d3roguelite.com/

But, let’s give you the best shot at this, as I turn it clickable for you…

Thanks for the feedback, fixed the link.

What comes to the rules, you are right, anyone could self impose these rules (as we did back in the day), but it’s a lot easier and more exciting to run the game by randomly generated rules where you’re not the one deciding the restrictions.
It’s surprising what you come up with when the rules rip you off all the “normal” leveling skills all of a sudden.

This is one way to challenge yourself, you are free to make your own challenges if you don’t feel like this suits your taste. But we’ll gladly hear if there are some good ideas to implement here.

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